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Improving the foundation

Alongside the support for the research work of the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research and the development of exceptional young scientists, lies the everyday sponsorship in the focus of the William G. Kerckhoff Foundation. Currently, urgent renovation building in the Parkstrasse 1 is needed. This building which contains the large auditorium (Kerckhoff lecture hall) and library can provide large events and lectures. At the same time, the auditorium provides for the essential communication among the scientists, presentation and discussion of current research projects as well synergies for defining common research work and targeted benefits for patients.

The Kerckhoff Foundation offers donators, sponsors and subscribers who wish to support the Max Planck Institute the possibility to document their valued engagements. For example, it is possible to affix the names of investors on several chairs or to buy personalised bricks within the auditorium walls or to name a specific room of the institute after an investor as gratitude of their financial support. A further challenge of the foundation is to increase the number of scholarships e.g. for post-graduate students. In this scenario and in the tradition of the foundation, residential accommodation will need to be renovated and converted to apartments for foreign postgraduate students.

We are always available for you with detailed information on the possibilities for a donation, a donation in kind or an external donation/endowment to the assets of the foundation and the resulting tax advantages.

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